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We know for many of you this album is old news. But although we find it hard to believe we still encounter people out there who have not heard of it! BON IVER’s “For Emma, Forever Ago”! There are many words to describe the many feelings I get when I listen to this: happiness, melancholy, passion, jealousy, even anger at some point. Angry that the song is ending, that the sweet and tender strum of the guitar, not even Justin Vernon’s voice, could prevent me from returning to reality. Read More


So what if most rap lyrics are misogynistic, violent and crude? We really have to give some props to the wordsmiths and MC’s that have given us some of the coolest rhymes out there. I am all for the O.G. feeling of old-school rap, sometimes I really enjoy playing some NWA or some Biggie tracks while I’m cruisin’, however I lack the street cred to be considered a true baller, so with that in mind I thought it be cool to share with you some more mellow covers of some rap tracks. Read More

Every so often, we get the enormous opportunity to go on a Holiday, maybe for a long weekend, a whole week, or if we are really lucky, a month or two.

So if you are going to a beach, a cosmopolitan city, a ski resort or your uncle’s ranch, whether it’s by car, train, bus, or airplane, we present to you the official low Lights high Volume Road Trip playlist! Read More

The original song is amazing and includes extraordinary people and musicians. It is sung with incredible feeling and emotion, to the point it touches ones heart when heard. It also includes GREAT musicians which are harder to find each day, so when i heard this new version i never though it would even get close to the original and i was right.

In this new version i felt though as if they let almost anyone who wanted to sing, sing, which makes this song incomparable to the original. It also lacks “feeling”, do not get me wrong,  it’s still an amazing song with a couple extraordinary musicians and extraordinary people. Read More

Heavy metal may not be to everyone’s liking however we can sometimes forget that some artists that make heavy metal are good musicians, capable of creating songs that can reach and suit a broader audience. Many times members from genre-specific bands decide to expand their musical abilities into new frontiers in different genres usually in the form of side-projects.

There are, however, some side projects that have found their own loyal fan-base and whose music has appealed to other type of people. I present to you in this post some side projects from some very successful metal bands that are actually quite easy on the ears and at the same time good music. Read More

Midland, american rock band from Texas, many times described as an epic-folk band, we consider we can call them a soft rock band; the songs in The Courage of Others actually make you feel like you are living on medieval times. Tim Smith’s soft voice, the use of flutes, and the soft beating of the drums all evolve to form a soothing melody ideal for a rainy day. This is one of those records that seem like one single song running throughout the whole album, it’s almost like a play, it tells a soothing story worth hearing. Check it out!!

Favorite Tracks: In the Ground, Winter Dies, Children of the Grounds

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