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I decided to do a stand-off of these two great bands because of their recently released albums. The Delta Mirror released “Machines that Listen” and The Album Leaf released “A Chorus of Storytellers“. In my personal opinion they are both very explorative bands, not your indie rock-pop typical band, I think they both fall into a whole different category one in which we have few vocals, many instruments and a touch of electronic sounds. I consider The Delta Mirror to be more upbeat and electronic than The Album Leaf, but even so they have many similarities… Read More


I think we all come to the point where we are tired of listening to the same playlist on our iPods or the same cd’s on our car, and in this times we turn our fm radio on in the hope that we might just find some new music or, maybe, not new, just a song that we haven’t heard in a long time; but all we ever find is news, problems of our own countries… there’s nothing wrong with the news, but sometimes WE ONLY WANT MUSIC!! So.. Read More

Listening to my iPod’s Top Rated playlist, I found a strange and amazing similarity. I realized many of my top rated tracks have the word EMPIRE in them, whether it’s in the artist’s name or on the name of the song. I wanted to share with you 4 songs, they might not be the same genre, neither the same artist, not even the same nationality. But the one thing they have in common is the word EMPIRE… Read More

Most songs that we hear are written for one of two reasons: love (or something similar to that) or protest (political or social). At its basic level, self-expression in music is all about raising consciousness and waking up people’s true feelings towards a certain global problem; the subject of which changes between beauty and anger—two kinds of passion that provoke people to song in equal measure.

Human objection exists at every level of each of us, in private and in public, and it goes above those picket lines to include battles for gender rights, racial equality, and freedom from the tyranny of self-righteous nepotistic “authority” figures. The very best protest songs are those that inhabit upon those well-known popular themes that can be reapplied to a great number of social or political struggles from decade to decade that gain more power after each listen…

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The National, Brooklyn based indie rock band since 1999, present us their new song from their upcoming album “High Violet” to be released 11th of May. I became a fan of this group thanks to Fake Empire, now hearing this new song they have captured me again…. The voice provided by Matt Berninger (incredibly unique) and the rhythmic beating of the drums and the strings on the guitar make this song a powerful, yet almost soothing song.. Read More