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Mt. Desolation is the official name of this supergroup to release a collaboration album they will also join for a live gig at London on June 4th.


  • Killers’s drummer Ronnie
  • Noah and the Whale’s fiddle player (violin) Tom
  • Mumford and Sons banjo player Winston
  • Keane’s singer/songwriter Tim
  • Keane’s live bassist Jesse Quin

I can’t say what to expect, all I know is it’s supposed to be a country album, yes COUNTRY!! You can check out pics of this band at their blog here.

The release date has not been announced! If you find any more information on this project please let us know!


The Radio Dept a definite band to watch, from the first time I heard this band I noticed this guys were going to be different, in a good way! “Heaven’s on Fire” I love the begining of this song, it gives it a different mood, it totally builds up as seconds pass, and when you least expect it the song moves in a very different direction a more mellow one, and suddenly it goes up again. It’s a roller coaster of emotions! Read More

This ia a list for everyone out there who is stuck or tired of listening to the 09′ albums, like Fever Ray, Gorilla Manor, Bittre Orca, XX, Phoenix, etc… (not a complaint, it was a great year with awesome music including all of the ones mentioned)  but there is nothing wrong with wanting to reach farther and listening to new music. This might help you find an artist which you may come to love or simply help you not fall behind on this years music, so when the best of 2010 lists come out in places like Pitchfork you wont be completely clueless. Read More

Hello everyone, we have good news to all of those who are into electronic/dreamy/lounge music, the new album by Caribou entitled “Swim” carrying the hot single “Odessa” is out now and available on all major pages including Amazon and iTunes, if you would like to hear it without having to purchase it first, click here.

As for the Remix competition I’ll quote the band:

I’m excited to announce a remix competition for ‘Sun’. To enter, you’ll need to download the parts, remix the song then upload it to my Soundcloud dropbox. The competition ends on May 7th…. Read More

Music is not just about listening or dancing to the beat, it’s so much more than that, it’s about understanding, feeling, capturing the image that is coming across, as beautiful notes and voices. It’s about having a momentary escape from our reality, yet sometimes it’s not about running away from our feelings or problems, instead it’s about really analyzing and going deeper into our emotions and thoughts, understanding the meaning of life. You could say music helps us express ourselves when words fail to do so. Read More