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Swedish band The Radio Dept. released their third album this past April. They gained some notoriety when several of their tracks found their way into the soundtrack for Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette“. They are back after four years and they bring with them an extraordinary new approach to their sound in the form of an exceptionally mellow album with hints of dream pop and reggae. Read More


It’s been a while since I stumbled upon some new good material by Tegan & Sara, Canadian indie-pop duo led by the Quin twins. Their cover of Steel Train comes not as a surprise but as an act of respect to this band from New Jersey who used to tour with them. This cover is part of “Terrible Thrills Vol. 1” an album expected by Steel Train with many respected female artists covering all the tracks from their previous self entitled album, female artists include Scarlett Johansson, Holly Miranda, Deradoorian, Dirty Projectors and many more, to check out the complete list of cover artists click here.

Check out “Turnpike Ghost” (original first, second one is the cover by Tegan & Sara)

Very promising and amazing albums have hit the market earlier this year (Congratulations, The Fame Monster, Contra..) but there are a a great number of upcoming new titles we’re all desperately waiting to be released.

Ranging from the pop genre to the alternative one, here is my list of the most anticipated albums for the second half of 2010: (There’s no particular order of this list, I believe they’re all ought to be great albums) Read More

It´s been years since I last discovered a group that I could 100% admit my addiction towards them. The last group worth an addiction for me was Vampire Weekend, after hearing their debut album and catching them live for free on Central Park in 2008 I was hooked… But from then on I hadn´t really found something that I could obsess about, a record that I wanted to hear all day long, in the car, at work, at a party, at the beach….

Until last year when I finally heard “Sweet Disposition” by this band all the way from Melbourne, Australia called The Temper Trap. At first I thought it was one of those groups that have one good single, but I felt undecided so I bought their album entitled “Conditions” and gave it a go…. check it here… Read More

Thanks to Levi’s for their new campaign entitled “Levi’s Pioneer Sessions” we got our hands on 3 sweet mp3 free downloads from Passion Pit, Dirty Projectors and The Shins (aka James Mercer from Broken Bells)… Each one of these artists was asked to cover one of their favorite songs from some of their all time favorite artists that influenced them to play music in the first place. Each of the artists covered as follows:

  • Passion Pit “Tonight, Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins
  • Dirty Projectors “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” by Bob Dylan (who would have thought)
  • The Shins “Goodbye Girl” by Squeeze

The only bad thing is if you want to get your hands on these 3 songs you need to fill out your name and email, but hell, for these 3 songs believe us it’s worth it. Head on over to this page and get your free tracks…


Jim James or as we now know him Yim Yames (frontman for My Morning Jacket) as some of you might already know, he teamed up back in 2009 with Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis (from Bright Eyes) and M. Ward (from She & Him) and created Monsters of Folk, a group known “shockingly” for its amazing folk songs. They released a self entitled album “Monsters of Folk” on September of last year.

“Dear God” is probably the best song on this record, some might say it’s “Say Please” but, they are confused. Anyway, right now what we want to share with you is the original “Dear God” by Monsters of Folk and alsoooo “Dear God 2.0” as released by The Roots once Jim James joined in….

The question is… To you which is better? (below you can hear them out, the first is the original, the second is the 2.0 version)

To purchase this album on Amazon click it The Root’s “How I Got Over”

This is the third album we receive from the very own hands of Alex Patsavas at Chop Shop Records, thanks to her, people of all ages around the world have now been exposed to bands like Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Iron & Wine, The Dead Weather….  We were dying to get our hands on this record (hence this article) and it came out short.

Most of the tracks in this record feel formula made (formula made is when it seems as if a band or an artist have developed their own mediocre way of releasing new music by changing just a couple a chords and making up lame new lyrics) like for example The Black Keys, Florence and the Machine and The Bravery all sound like all of their previous work, there is nothing new and surprising as expected…. more.. Read More