Monthly Archives: July 2010

Every once in a while some parties whether graduations, weddings, reunions, birthdays, Halloweens …. get out of control, and what you though would end at 3 am is somehow still alive at 7 am, by now most of the people are asleep on a couch, others are dancing by themselves and you realize that the “girl” you were with is actually a cushion… Next time you find yourself in a situation like this be sure to play some of the amazing songs in this playlist:

Compared to her last two albums, where she played with a mixture of  different sounds and textures combining them  to create explosive tracks,  where experimenting new horizons didn’t seem to be an obstacle to her  and where bold was just a simple word;  M.I.A in “MAYA” delivers something more metallic, more industrial and a little bit more commercial, that in a way is a departure from the sound she secretly kept on her later albums…. Read More