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As some of you might have heard, Arcade Fire‘s third album entitled “The Suburbs” focuses mainly on the lifestyle that surrounds people who grow up in The Suburbs of almost anywhere in the US (as most of them look exactly alike). This is why the band decided to focus their video (which in my opinion is more an experience than a video) for “We Used to Wait” on YOU. It’s the first interactive video I’ve encountered that actually works, makes sense, and let’s face it…. it pretty darn cool!

Head on to The Wilderness Downtown (aka the web page featuring this new “experiment”) enter your adress and have a little bit of patience, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to share your video at the end with us! Enjoy the future of music videos!


Blaudzun is a band hailing from the Netherlands, its very hard to put an exact label to this group, but it definitely falls into the “indie” “alternative” genre. What prompted me to write about these guys is the amount of artist they remind me of depending on the song. They have a very good idea of the music they want to make, but still vary each song making the album SEADRIFT SOUNDMACHINE similar too taking a roller coaster ride. You never know what comes next hard sharp turns, a smooth mellow ride to the top or an adrenaline filled plunge too the bottom, each time a song ends you’ll be waiting for the next without a clue of what to expect. Its one of those albums were you feel you are in an adventure trip that goes by way too quickly and so much shit happens you don´t know were to begin your train of thought. Read More

Ever since I saw the cover of this album I was drawn to it, the picture, the title, even the outfit the kids are wearing reminded me of when I was their age and the funny thing is back in the 80’s our moms use to dress us all exactly like that. I’m rambling… sorry. Anyway, back on subject, another band from Montreal (lately it seems all good bands in the last month come from Canada, who would have thought…) entitled Wolf  Parade released their third album “Expo 86” .

Expo 86 comes to me as a familiar album, it’s got the qualities many good rock albums achieve for example Brothers by The Black Keys, To Lose My Life by White Lies. Read More

File:Soundgarden Telephantasm cover.jpg

Guess what?  The legend is back!

Who would have thought that Soundgarden wasn’t ready to quit anytime soon!! Good things never die I must say.

Now that their 13-year break is finally over, they are back with their forthcoming album called “Telephantasm”, which is a compilation album of their best songs and it also includes their comeback song called “Black Rain”. Read More

Imagine a band with the members of : Animal Collective, The Jesus and Mary Chain & The Drums.

This is what Nathan Williams front-man for the San Diego based band Wavves has achieved on their third studio album  “King of the Beach” which comes as a refreshing nu-rave sound. I mean nu-wave because of the mixture of genres this album explores, for example on the first song in the album track #1 King of the Beach you can even smell the waves in the Californian beaches, this song would be a perfect match for the description of “California Rock”. Read More

DavidLynch.jpg picture by savorysammichHave you been looking everywhere to find good music? Well lately, I´ve been doing just that. I really wanted to listen to something new and refreshing and fortunately I did find some songs. Most of them are played by bands that some of us haven’t even heard of them before. They might sound a little bit strange at first, but if you listen closely you might even get to like them a lot.

One of my favorites I must say is “Secret Cities“. This band from North Dakota has created an amazing, mesmerizing sound.  The incredible combination of instruments, voices, and noise will leave you wanting more. We will surely be hearing from this electronic-phsycodelic group again.

Next… Read More

It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then you listen to an “OK” song that turns into a “GOOD” song simply by watching the video, here are some examples of songs that we tolerated and we now like thanks to their unusual, weird, or even funny videos…

“This Too Shall Pass” by Ok Go, it’s safe to say this band got all their attention thanks to the video for “Here It Goes Again“. This time they did it again with over 16 million viewers and counting.

“Coquet Coquette” by Of Montreal from their upcoming album “False Priest” comes this first single, the first time I heard this song I thought it was annoying but after watching the video I found it catchy and even intriguing.

“Madder Red” by Yeasayer from their latest album “Odd Blood” comes a song for all of those who have lost a pet, featuring Kristen Bell and an odd character that reminds me of Zorg’s pet in Fifth Element.

Let us know if you have more cool videos, Cheers!