Album Review: Wavves "King of the Beach"

Imagine a band with the members of : Animal Collective, The Jesus and Mary Chain & The Drums.

This is what Nathan Williams front-man for the San Diego based band Wavves has achieved on their third studio album  “King of the Beach” which comes as a refreshing nu-rave sound. I mean nu-wave because of the mixture of genres this album explores, for example on the first song in the album track #1 King of the Beach you can even smell the waves in the Californian beaches, this song would be a perfect match for the description of “California Rock”. On the other hand you can also spot the influence of bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain on the song entitled “When will you Come”. I was even able to spot a subtle influence by Animal Collective on the song “Baseball Cards” with the strong synths and echoed voice.

As you can see this is a band that is not afraid to explore and to do whatever the hell they want. Of course the lyrics are a no brainer but even so you will find yourself chanting them along even after a couple of hours.

This is an album with many surprises, it’s definitely catchy and intoxicating. When I picture the future of punk bands this is exactly the type of record I would be looking for.

To purchase this album on Amazon click it Wavves “King Of The Beach”

Plus check out the Video for “Post Acid”


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