Monthly Archives: September 2010

You might be able to recognize  something familiar in Maximum Balloon‘s track entitled “Young Love”….. yes, it’s got a sort of TV on the Radio vibe. Maximum Ballon is David Sitek’s (member of TV on the Radio) solo project (if we can call this a “solo” project since all of the tracks in this record include collaborations from artists like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, several members of TV on the Radio and even David Byrne from Talking Heads) which presents us a more danceable, “reach for the dance floor” type of record.

Other artists in our top monthly include tracks from Of Montreal‘s latest album “False Priest” and The Walkmen‘s “Lisbon” both receiving great reviews from the critics and great public appreciation, including ours. Plus Magic Kids debut album entitled “Memphis” named by us “The Beach Boys of our generation” with one of their best tracks “Good to Be”.

And last but not least The Tallest Man on Earth‘s latest and greatest EP entitled “Sometimes the Blues is just a passing Bird” with his first song playing an electric guitar “The Dreamer”… simply a classic. See for yourself!


This New Zealand band, (Yes you read right, from New Zealand) proved to me with only two singles that they have what it takes to become a force to be reckoned within the next year! Their debut album “Passive Me, Aggressive You” has just been released. Although they sound kind of familiar rest assured you will be hearing very original songs, in a unique way from this band “of the near future“. Keep following us on twitter @lowlightshighvo so you can get the final verdict on this album, for now, just ENJOY!

Matt & Kim have had a very busy year performing at major music festivals (Lollapalooza, Coachella…) and getting ready for the release of their third LP entitled “Sidewalks” out November 2nd 2010. The first single from this production is called “Cameras”, and when asked where the inspiration came from Matt said it came from Gnars Barkley’s “Crazy” he said  “Your mom, your three-year-old nephew, and your 60-year-old aunt were all into that song!“. It seems they are trying to achieve that genre-less sound, one that appeals to many genres while not fitting entirely into one. Do you think they nailed that it with Cameras? by mattandkim

As my music education continues I’ve had the curiosity to explore the roots of many of my favorite artists from nowadays and the one similarity they all share are their influences, the ones who inspired them to make music in the first place. Artists like Big Audio Dynamite, Roxy Music, The Clash, Talking Heads, and of course a band that took their name from one song by Talking Heads entitled Radiohead, shaped the music industry of today just by being themselves, by standing out. Read More

Sometimes the Blues is Just a Passing Bird has 5 new songs in which we can feel and hear a different side of our Swedish folk singer. Kristian Matsson´s unique voice along with his country guitar-playing style, explore a deeper and introspective sound, in which we get a more melancholic melody than the past albums.

His countryside relaxed music gives you a sense of intimacy, trying mainly to evoke real and wounded emotions with the lyrics, the single guitar and his voice full of vulnerability and hope. Read More

Being in a band as does everything in life, has its highs and lows as well as being a solo artist, duo, trio, quartet and everything in between.. Spotlight, fame, credit, originality, critical praise, awards, noticeable leadership among others, is the main problem that revolves around the members of a band and it is when several conflicts arouse.

Go solo or stick with the band? Check out who can go solo and who should stick with the band…. Read More