Monthly Archives: October 2010

Twin Shadow is the project of George Lewis Jr., a Brooklyn resident who was recently honored as one of the “Most Stylish New Yorkers” by Time Out New York Magazine. Apart form being a true fashionista who’s constantly exploring with his hairdos (is that you Pedro?), he’s also one hell of a musician who recently released his album debut entitled “Forget“.
In this album we find “Slow“, possibly one of the best tracks on the album with strong echoes and strong synths, exactly what we like. And yes he does make you think about David Bowie. Get this FREE download below and come back shortly for a full review of his album! ENJOY AND RT!

Its usually never a good idea when an actor decides to “get creative” and record and album, however Jason Shwartzman has never been only an actor. Some might recall he used to be the drummer for Phantom Planet (yes, that Phantom Planet, think California, think The O.C.) up until right before the band made it big with their only charting single to date. When I say it is usually a bad idea I mean there are exceptions and Coconut Records might just save itself thanks to this song. Read More

Every one in a while I like to surf the web in search of the new bands that sound promising and that could deliver great material in the years to come. In my recent search I found two electronic bands you should get to know cause both projects look like keepers.

1) Small Black– an electro-pop duo from Portland for all of you who like dream pop like M83

Photojournalist from their album “New Chain”

2) Teengirl Fantasy– another electro-pop duo, although much more headed for the dancefloor

Cheaters from their album “7AM”

It’s been long since we last heard from one of our favorite Swedish singers, Lykke Li. She returns with new material in which, as usual, we are able to see her both sides. “Get Some” is the first and it features a more upbeat Lykke with nice vocals and catchy lyrics (I’m a prostitute…. come Get Some). “Paris Blue” is the second and speaks directly to all of us who like the more melancholic/dramatic side of this multi layered artist.

You can download them for FREE straight from her web page right here. Enjoy!  And remember to RT!

Maximum Balloon is the “solo” project of David Sitek, the guy who plays the guitar and keyboards on TV on the Radio. He’s also a producer and has worked with many of our favorite artists including Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars & Foals… As you can see this guy has talent beyond what we are able to see in his new album, in which I say “solo” because he mainly requested the collaboration of everyone’s favorite girls like Karen O, Little Dragon & Katrina Ford.

Young Love” features the collaboration of Katrina Ford (Celebration) in a nice explosion of vocals and loops. It’s got a certain TV on the Radio vibe but it’s definitely a track that makes you wanna run towards the dancefloor. Synths take the stand in this track with a guitar as their copilot on a road to Maximum Balloon island, Explore!