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It’s been quite a while since we last posted a song that was meant to get you moving, wether you dance, run, jump, or use it to impersonate Napoleon Dynamite it doesn’t matter as long as you moveeee.

Discodeine is a French project by producers Pilooski and Pentile, they basically turn your average “dance” song into an explosion of sound ready to play at any night club in the world.. This time they teamed up with Jarvis Cocker from Pulp to create the best dance song in 2010!

It doesn’t come as a surprise the succes of this track, when you join one of the most acclaimed voices in brit-pop with two of the most acclaimed produces in France…. well you get this amazing first single from their upcoming full length to be released in 2011 with many other not yet announced guest vocals. Keep an eye on this future release cause it’s bound to be awesome!


For most people, songs for the winter season are only but a cornucopia of Christmas carols, either rearranged by popular artists or the original Dean Martin-orchestrated ones; but these kind of songs only represent the joyful and warm part of the season.

Contrary to the hot summer music where the sounds create sultry explosions and seem to be more aggressive ,winter somehow always seem to be the introvert, quiet part of the year; cold weather, snowy mountains, long chilly nights and an overall sense of calm and quietness.

In a non-holiday music basis, there are those songs and albums that seem to wrap the cold season in its content, that when heard make you feel winter time at its best.

So grab your preferred bottle of wine, a cup of hot cocoa, brandy or whatever cuz’ here’s a playlist that’ll make you enjoy this season, Christmas carol-free!!

You can download this playlist as an iMix on iTunes by clicking here.

Tis’ the season to be with family and friends and  good music always helps… Enjoy!! Follow us @llhvmusic

We know most of you have been waiting for some sort of video from Arcade Fire‘s (Indie’s biggest band according to major newspapers and magazine around the world) first single in their latest album both entitled “The Suburbs“…. and finally it’s here!
Let’s for one second forget about the band, their mainstream succes, the hype, and for this couple of minutes enjoy this amazing tale created by none other than Spike Jonze (director/producer who brought us movies like Where the Wild Things Are and Being John Malkovich). Lets watch this spot on video for an album as melancholic and emotion filled as “The Suburbs”.

Local Natives are an indie rock band hailing from Los Angeles who recently released their debut album entitled “Gorilla Manor” winning the hearts and likes of many across the world.

They just released their video for their latest single & one of the best songs inside this amazing debut, the song is “Who Knows, Who Cares”! Doesn’t this video want to make you get on your car and drive nowhere?

Being one of the most melancholic artists in history it’s normal many people can’t stand Bon Iver‘s music at some points in life, if for example you are feeling a little depressed, do not by any chance hear his work cause chances are you’ll end up cutting your wrists…

But all of that has just changed thanks to this remix of “Skinny Love” by Das Kapital which you can listen at here.

Hear Cut Copy’s first single from their upcoming album entitled “ZONOSCOPE” , out February 8!

Take me Over is the first single in the upcoming album by this electro-pop band from Australia who’ll definitely be releasing one of the best dance records in 2011! Check out their new single below! Copy – Take Me Over (Premiere) by modularpeople