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Check out  30 second previews of each song on their upcoming album Angles before they take it down… thanks user bungie17!


Make Your Exit are a Canadian combination of indie folk and indie rock with influences from classic bands like The Beatles, Neil Young, to more current ones like Local Natives and Fleet Foxes. Their sound is simple, rich and plain honest. Check out our chat with Jeff Buckley who plays guitar and lead vocals.

First of all, were did you guys meet? How was Make your Exit formed? We feel as if you´ve known each other since childhood because of the energy you transmit while playing.

Yes most of us have known each other for a long time so your suspicions are correct. Dellios and I have known each other since Grade 4, and have been playing on and off in bands together since Grade 7. We rekindled our musical relationship about 4 years ago, when MYE was starting to take shape as a mainly instrumental 3 piece band that was mostly just a hobby.  Since then, we’ve obviously changed our musical style a few times, gotten our act together, and added some extra members in hopes to fill out our sound. We found the right people to work with in Denby and Oliver and Steve, so now we’re moving forward.

We can´t help but to think of bands like Local Natives and Fleet Foxes when we listen to you´re music. Hence we wonder, do you listen to this groups? What do you prefer to listen to on a normal day?

I’m a big fan of both of those bands actually. That being said though, we are five people with pretty diverse tastes. What we listen to on a normal day… hard to say… the past few days I’ve been listening to the new Radiohead record excessively, and enjoying it a lot. Then that got me going back to older Radiohead too, so I’ve pretty much had all Radiohead, all the time for the past few days. That happens to me a lot. I get stuck on a band or even just one record and can’t let it go.  I’ve also been listening to a lot of Andrew Bird. His record Mysterious Production of Eggs is incredible, and this somewhat new one, Useless Creatures, which is all instrumental and really interesting. It’s almost classical, and slightly terrifying at times. I had a brief obsession with Joanna Newsom‘s most recent record. By ‘had a brief obsession’ I mean that it is still on-going. “Good Intentions Paving Company” is a song everyone should listen to. I recently re-discovered Simon & Garfunkel’s Bookends. That album kills me. I listened to “Here Comes My Girl” by Tom Petty about 14 times today. I listen to a lot of local stuff stuff too. I’m a huge fan of Toronto’s Zeus. We did an a capella video cover of their song “River by the Garden.” Lots of fun.

Quick one…Who have been your major influences?

Anything from older classic stuff like Neil Young, The Band, ELO, The Beatles, to all the amazing music coming out today that I mentioned above. There is just too much to list. Some of the other guys would have me mention lots of stuff outside of those genres, from older hip hop, punk, and even electronic music. Everything basically!

We love that you set yourself apart from groups such as the ones mentioned above by being a bit more experimental when creating music. We see you have the basics: guitars, drums, bass but also incorporate things like saxophones. Can we expect in the future more instruments and an even greater experimental “focus” towards music?

Yes definitely. Some of the demos we’ve been recording for our next record have a wider variety. I’m spending a lot more time on the piano, so its safe to say there will be a lot more keys, Rhodes, Hammond, etc… I’ve also been working with ukulele and banjo too. I hope that we can afford to take the time and really get a lot more interesting tones and instruments on our next effort. I wouldn’t say our next record is going to sound like an experimental piece, but I would be disappointed if it didn’t at least have a number of surprises to it. I’d at least like to go into the studio with an army of instruments and an open mind.

I´m guessing since everyone is in their 20´s no one is married, does anyone have a girlfriend (for the lady readers)? Also you probably have some great stories, mind telling us one?

None of us are married, though two of the guys have popped the question. No girls ever talk to us after shows anyways, so I don’t think they’re into us. Our greatest story probably involves us giving some girl a hug or something. Pretty lame eh… We need to spend more time with Tommy Lee.

We always wonder what band members think of each other, if possible, would you guys mind describing each other in 1 word?

I need a few words for each. Oliver – the nice one, Denby- the high harmony, Dellios – the business, and Steve – the comedy. I’m the late one.

Not to be mean but we find ourselves wondering: How are these guys not playing major festivals along with Local Natives, Edward Sharpe, etc… if they are just as good? Do you think it´s because they have been playing a little longer? or bad luck? what is it?

We were asked to headline Coachella this year but we figured Kings of Leon needed this one… Seriously though, its very nice to be considered in the company of those bands for one. I think its hard work and a great sounding album(s) that has pushed those bands towards success. So we’ll keep making music that we think is good and hopefully people will take notice.

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A little bit more than 5 months ago Chromeo released the deluxe edition of their latest production “Business Casual”, although it’s a fine record as it is, I have to admit the track I enjoyed the most was the collaboration with Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig on “I Could be Wrong” which you could only find in the deluxe version along with a couple of remixes and videos.

I find it hard to believe this track was not featured on many of the “best tracks of 2010”, including ours! Actually, this is the first time I hear about this song, which brings to mind two things:

  1. People didn’t put much attention to the release of the deluxe edition thus the song passed by with little or no attention at all.
  2. People didn’t like it… (which is very hard to imagine).

So which one is it? Have you heard this song before and didn’t like it? or have you never heard of it?

Ayad (synth/samples) from Passion Pit

I mean, saying that I enjoy Katy Perry isn’t a guilty pleasure; I feel pretty good about that one. I’m also stoked on Taylor Swift and finding others that enjoy some harmless country pop! And all the records from my youth that I regret now makes me just feel guilty! Ok I got it  “Perfume” this Japanese pop band produced by Capsule.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

“Toxic” by Brit Spears. But I don’t feel guilty about it.

Make Your Exit

Is Hall & Oates a guilty pleasure?


Recently I have listened a lot to “Whitney” by Whitney Houston. Man thats a superb album!!! I almost don’t feel any guilt.


Our band does blare the occasional Kanye West or Chromeo in the tour van. Personally, I can’t say I haven’t fallen asleep with Enya on repeat in recent years.

Warm Ghost

Paul: Hmm, no, I don’t feel guilty about liking anything I like. But, maybe Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel goes on said list. Wait,  Steve Miller “Jet Airliner” – that should probably be on there. Oh and “Swingtown” … and “Jungle Love”. .. and “Take the Money and Run.”

Oliver: Ha, yes! Sledgehammer!  does that count?  I kinda love that song!  Ha ha.  I kind of love Kylie Minogue, is that weird?

Young Galaxy

Elton John’s ‘I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues’!

Daniel Lee Kendall

Ummmm I would have to chose “The Presidents of the USA” which I’ve liked since a long time ago, and the other one would be “Drop it like it’s Hot” by Snoop Doog!

Summer Camp

There’s no such thing! Music is there to be enjoyed, no need to feel guilty. We love Abba, Dire Straits, Salt N Pepa every bit as much as Radiohead, Blur and the XX.


I’m an ABBA fan. The picture inside the sleeve of “Arrival” with the two guys on a piano with an acoustic guitar and cups of coffee makes me want to write music all day long.

The Naked and Famous

Plenty. Too guilty to say.

Kiersten Holine

Ha I will not cease to dust off  Dashboard Confessional’s first two albums from time to time.  But really, how guilty should I feel about that?  Those albums are fairly flawless (and far too catchy…).

Coma Cinema

Haha more than I could ever type here.  I’m a huge fan of a “Californication” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It may very well be my favorite album of all time haha.

Check out this playlist to see what these guys are feeling guilty about. What about yours?

Illustration by @kekacors


It’s been a couple of weeks since James Murphy claimed he was no longer going to perform or record under the name of LCD Soundsystems…… Yes, it’s such a shame, but hey, the guy must have his reasons, plus he left us their best album to make it thru. In these two videos we can see it didn’t take long for Kermit the frog to step up.

Filmed on a balcony in Brighton, directed by Javier Douglas: “Dance Yrself Clean” from their album This is Happening!

This was the first video of Kermit impersonating James Murphy on “New York I love You, but you’re Bringing me Down” from their album Sound of Silver!

As you might have read earlier, TV on the Radio will premier a new album this year entitled “Nine Types of Light” (April 12). You can now hear (thanks to the world premier on The End 107.7) “Will Do“, the first single in this upcoming album. It’s much slower and melancholic than their previous records but it still has Tunde’s amazing voice which proves to be the best instrument in the song. Check it out:

What do you think?

One of our favorite duos is back, just a couple of months ago we got to know Summer Camp in our interview with them, after that we choose their EP as one of the best releases in 2010, and by the looks of it their debut LP will surely be featured in our Best Albums of 2011 list!

I Want You is the first single of their upcoming full lenght debut album which will provably arrive around Summer…… get it? Haha. As you can see the band seems more intense than on their previous EP, with the help of producer Steve Mackey (from Pulp, hence the beautiful but simple bass line) they were able to incorporate their 80’s sound into the 21st century still carrying their unique an beautiful mark. I Want You by Summer Camp