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We  caught up with Yeasayer in Mexico City for the “Spring Quesadilla Tour” in which they played a live set along with Ok Go, Local Natives and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (you can check out our live session with them here). Here, with the help of our friends over at μ sique is our interview with Yeasayer:



We were very glad when we heard about Nikolai Fraiture (Strokes bassist) who tweeted: Super excited to go in to the studio today and work on some new ideas! I’ll keep you postedA little bit later: For The Strokes, of course! Adding this photo a little bit later…

Let’s hope this upcoming album comes from the same place Angles came from!

Discovery is an American indie rock, electronic, funk band, project of Rostam Batmanglij (keyboradist for Vampire Weekend) and Wesley Miles (vocalist from Ra Ra Riot). In my opinion the good thing about the band is that it’s made by friends! You can feel in their music how much they enjoy working together, making it very easy for them to communicate with each other. When you compose a song you need not intelligence to intervene but soul. These two really put their souls into their music.

The band was created in 2005, but they released their debut LP on 2009 which also features contributions from Ezra Koening (Vampire Weekend). My favorite song of the album is Swing Tree, specially because the lyrics are great. I recently went on a road trip in California, we went to Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Malibu, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, this was the perfect song to play on the vintage covertible we rented. We had the sun in our face, our hair blowing with the wind and the most amazing views along the California Highway 1 Scenic Drive. I believe I repeated this song at least 15 times. You could see the surfers on the beach, thousands of seagulls flying making “V” lines, the perfect weather, perfect place and perfect company, my friends: my soulmates.

What I would describe as a good album is an album which you can listen too thousands and thousands of times and every time you hear it you discover new sounds and new things about the music, specially new feelings. This is one of those albums.

Check out Swing Tree below and let me know what you think… Oh, almost forgot, I’m @DanVelasco a new contributor. Nice to meet you all, ENJOY!


Junior Boys are an amazing indie-tronica act from Canada who’ll be releasing their fourth studio album “It’s all True” on June 13 2011. From this upcoming album comes a new single entitled Banana Ripple, who knows where that came from, but anyhow this is 9 minutes worth of dance, funky music that will get you in shape for Summer. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments.

We met with Alex, Jade and the rest of the gang outside their hotel in La Condesa, Mexico. What we thought would be a good day, it was sunny, people were out and about and we had just heard them play a gig the day before, turned out to be unforgettable!

We were received by 12 smiling faces that apparently had not had enough of Mexico and were eager to set off. It amazed us, from the very first interaction, how different each band member was yet how much in unison they seemed. Alex was dressed exactly how he was the night before during the concert; no shirt, some old ripped up jeans, and a pair of the hotels slippers. Others were dressed more formally and some wore more “normal” outfits, each depicting their entirely different personality from the others, and standing out on their own. Jade on the other hand wanted to exchange dresses in the middle of the street with one of our contributors the minute she saw her. We were glad to hear what a good time they were having in Mexico and how awesome the people from onc1e1 ( had been to them. The band had just come from the Saturday market and Alex was honorably displaying his new coconut shaped-thunder sounding Mexican instrument, when we set off to find a good place for the sessions.

I know you have probably read or maybe if you are lucky enough perceived Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros‘ energy. Well let me tell you, anything you have read comes short due to the lack of vocabulary in any language. Their energy and outlook of life is memorizing, they transmit happiness to anyone who sets foot in their path, forget anger management groups and go spend an hour with these guys. The source comes from Alex and Jade’s relationship, it seems as though Alex is the father figure and is enthralled at anything Jade say’s or does; and Jade is enthralled at almost anything, passing dogs, a wave from a passing stranger, fountains…

When we finally arrived at Parque Mexico and were met with people taking karate classes, skateboarding, and just hanging out, all it took from Alex was a simple “LOVE THE WORLD” to convince Jade it was THE spot. Everything we had just lived and were astonished about was a flyspeck to what we witnessed when they sat down and began playing. Everyone who saw, or heard them and came closer felt completely connected to them, as they knew them for years. Some people, like me, were just completely taken back, not registering what was going on until the 3rd or 4th song. They will not play a song unless they are not all “feeling it” in their words, and trust me, when they all “feel it” and start playing you realize it’s not a charade or marketing strategy as some people say, and as corny as it sounds you WILL be swept of your feet. Their love and understating for music is astounding and transmitted to anyone around them.

Thank you Alex, Jade and the band for reminding us how powerful music is and we hope you keep talking so ecstatically about Mexico.


As of last night at 12am Lollapalooza revealed their official lineup for this 2011 . I wasn’t very impressed, I had imagined something better for their 20th anniversary. Not that I don’t like Coldplay or Foo Fighters, hell, I even enjoy some Eminem every now and then, but they really stand a chance against Radiohead, Pulp, The Cure or any of the other “rumored” acts? I am more excited by My Morning Jacket, Muse and The Cars. I’m sure it will still be a Lolla to remember.

Anyway to view the full lineup head on over here. Regular Price tickets ($215) are still available, head on over here to purchase!

With her debut album BiRd-BrAiNs, Merrill Garbus (aka tUnE-yArDs) showed us that she is unique and very curious, playful and offbeat, but most importantly, a talented DIY ambitious musician. Her persona is cool, but not because she is trendy or part of a particular music scene, but on the contrary, she doesn’t try to be cool at all, she doesn’t try to please her audience or be part of a group. She is in a way, isolated in genre and time, building a sound of her own, a world with no limitations, rebellious in a childish way. With her new album “w h o k i l l” she takes all of her ideas and talent from her previous release and embellishes it with high production values without losing her eccentricity, and uniqueness, somehow managing to maintain her lo-fi signature sound. In this album Garbus experiments with many different sounds, and although not as chaotic as BiRd-BrAiNs, it contains plenty of surprises within, a feast of emotions and thoughts. This album is a huge improvement from the last one and a big step in her career; although still exposing risky sounds and ideas this is done in a more accesible and smarter way, it is neatly produced and most importantly, faithful to her individualism. I highly recommend you add it to your repertoire.

To get to know her better check out this interesting interview she did for Pitchfork here.