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Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor, along with Atticus Ross, are in charge of the soundtrack for David Fincher’s upcoming thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The three worked together for The Social Network‘s soundtrack, earning Reznor and Ross an Oscar. Recently, rumors were being spread about a possible collaboration with Karen O doing a Led Zeppelin cover for “Immigrant Song”. Rumors were confirmed and apparently, the song will be part of the trailer. Yesterday, it “leaked”. Some suggest that it was a marketing move by Sony, but anyways, here is a preview for the movie and for the song. It’s not easy to cover Led Zeppelin, but Reznor and Karen O did a good job. The film will be out December of this year and has already garnered a lot of attention.


Weezer recently uploaded this video to their YouTube page in which they are covering Radiohead’s legendary Paranoid Android. The song is actually very faithful to the original; similar effects, tempo and mood. It doesn’t have any Weezer signature sounds or anything that makes it unique, except for Cuomo’s voice. And for that reason, a lot of people will focus on that and complain about how it’s a terrible cover and how it’s not suited for Weezer. But the idea of a cover is that it ought to be different than the original. This is not Radiohead. Objectively and eliminating prejudices, I think it’s a good effort and a decent cover. What do you think?

Jon Hopkins started playing piano at age 5. As a musical child prodigy he entered the Royal College of Music at age 12 and studied classical piano. This creative genius has had quite an interesting trajectory. He collaborated with Imogen Heap when he was under 20, and then began writing and composing for his solo effort. He has worked with Brian Eno a number of times, most notably he co-wrote Eno’s most recent A Small Craft on the Sea and the soundtrack for the Peter Jackson film The Lovely Bones. They played together at the Sydney Opera House. He has also worked with Coldplay, co-produced Viva La Vida and was the opening act for their Madison Square Garden show. Recently, he released Diamond Mine with King Creosote. Other artists he’s collaborated with are Nosaj Thing, Wild Beasts, David Lynch and Four Tet. He recently wrote the OST for the British film Monsters and is about to release a new album this year.

Jon Hopkins 2001 debut album Opalescent was mainly ambient music, creating infinite landscapes. The follow-up, Contact Note was a bit more upbeat and structured, with notes that were filled with spirituality and clear-mindedness. In his latest release, Insides, Hopkins took it to a new level. Incorporating his classical training as a pianist and mixing it with heavy-bass synthesized electronica.

Insides is a modern masterpiece of electronic music. The album opens with a peaceful set of strings that on song two include a soothing piano. This is “Vessel”, the album’s most attractive and jaw-dropping song. A five minute exploration of classical piano, organic background music and electronic beats that slowly lead into an explosion that is to be a feast for your ears. The album then continues offering big surprises. “Light Through Veins” includes the original keyboards that were used in the intro and outro of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. We find some songs that are led by a tranquil piano, and others that are led by industrial, effected drum kits and apocalyptic synth lines, crossing genres and expectations. The album is all around beautiful and dense. It’s worth dissecting and will therefore need many many listens. Only a true genius can explore all these aspects in music and not have it sound pretentious or forced. Hopkins’ music is unique and that is what has led him to such wonderful projects in such a short time. Please, listen to Insides below.

Gil-Scott Heron died the past May 27th at age 62. The causes of death are still unknown but he had been dealing with health issues for a while. He had been HIV positive for several years, had had pneumonia attacks and was addicted to crack cocaine. However, he is considered to be one of the most influential figures of rap history, having laid the groundwork and basis for what we know as hip-hop today. Gil Scott-Heron was a poet, a gifted writer, an ambitious lyricist that touched on political and social themes, especially concerning the black american situation in the US. He was a prolific artist, inspiring, modest and realistic. His last release was this year’s We’re New Here with Jamie xx, a rework of his 2010 I’m New Here. Below, find a playlist that reminisces his life in music.

Colourmusic have been making their way through the music industry intelligently. With unique music that will make you want to dance and yell at the same time and incredibly original impressive music videos that will leave your mouth wide open expelling a repulsive odor that turns out to be very attractive. Colourmusic’s music is difficult to catalogue and describe, but their videos very well translate this confusion into art. Watch their new video for the song “Beard” off of their album “My ____ is Pink”. A collection of extreme close-ups of body parts that is grotesque but so intriguing that it’s hypnotizing. Take a look at the video and give us your thoughts.

The Y’s are a Mexican alternative project led by Pablo Cantu. They have recently released their debut album and it’s clear that their sound will definitely please a good amount of music lovers. With a smear of 90’s rock and expressive vocals, The Y’s music has a load of sincerity and their songs are evidently inspired directly from real life experiences. There is no pretentiousness hidden under their notes and that is why you should check out these two tracks off of their self-titled, self-produced release. Someday by The Y’s by The Weird Fishes Dude: Get Clean by The Y’s by The Weird Fishes

Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap, two “minded-like” artists from Brooklyn & Boston who are at the top of their game! Their style influenced by R & B and Hip-Hop has created a new genre in house music.

We have good news for all our Mexican readers: Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap will be visiting Mexico City this Friday 27th at Terraza Uroboros in Madero 20, Piso 6-Terraza, Centro Historico. We will be giving away two free tickets through our Twitter @theWeirdFishes so stay tuned for a chance to see this legendary act live. All you have to do to participate is follow us on our Twitter and be on the lookout!