Monthly Archives: September 2011

Today, we want to share with you an exceptional session with Shabazz Palaces. The song is “The King’s new clothes were made by his own hands” off of their debut album Black Up, one of our favorites of the year. Check out the session carefully and enjoy their precise and meticulous beats and constructions.


With nothing else but a firm skeleton of a somber piano accompanying the British songstress in “Someone like you“, Adele soars with her powerful deep voice that never dilutes and remains exceptionally constant throughout the entire 4:45 heartbreak ballad.

This song is an amazingly well handled curtain call for a failed relationship that leaves stupidity and immaturity deeply forgotten and brings out a mature person that accepts reality and moves forward in the best way possible.

Mature, intelligent, sensitive and excruciatingly vulnerable like a recent wound, this unique jewel is probably the best example of how a love song, let alone, any pop song should really sound; stripped, honest and with the less synths possible.

Making home-made movies is exhausting, even more so is trying to find a good soundtrack. We recently heard Steve Marion aka Delicate Steve’s “Don’t Get Stuck” and found it perfect for this. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a night out, or just some footage of friends skateboarding we found this song very fitting for you next home-made movie. Check it out below. BTW you can download it for free!

Psychedelic indie pop rockers MGMT were part of the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Pink Floyd weeklong celebration. This week, the Floyd made a huge re-release of their collection; box-sets, collectors set, special edition vinyl and much more. The late night show decided to invite a band per day to cover a Floyd song. This time, we want to share with you MGMT’s versino of “Lucifer Sam” which is part of their first album The Piper At The Gates of Dawn. The cover is pretty faithful to the original and somehow maintains Barrett’s lunacy. Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound is dressed up as a Ramone and is doing some tape loops.

Check it out!

Listen to the Floyd original below.

Hailing as the second single from their upcoming sophomore album “Ceremonials” due October 31, “Shake it Out” just recently got an appropriate makeover by the Canadian based singer The Weeknd.

The original version of the song stands powerfully by itself, being “haunting and Gothic” in tone like much of the songs of the group’s repertoire, but then, it suddenly gets remixed and turned into a much darker, more haunting and thrilling version, where the word Gothic is taken to the next level.

Florence’s vocals soar as the haunting flow of the song detaching herself completely from this world and making her travel like a spirit through the listener’s ears directly to the brain where she nests the sick tune making it one of those songs that become “sick in the head”; a truly powerful anthem and an A-class remix.



If you have been asking yourself where is the 2011 Mumford & Sons, The xx, Florence & the Machine, Beach House, that artist that explodes with their first album, the album everyone claims to have “heard first” or discovered… Well here it is, Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation released September 29th by the mastermind & frontman Trevor Powers.

An album which unwantingly keeps reminding me of Beach House’s Teen Dream in an awkward way. It is as if they took the basics from Teen Dream; those repeating pianos and beats, enhanced with reverb and a haunting voice and somehow managed to create something completly unique. It’s also as if they added more uptempo beats to the formula, switched to a masculine voice, shortened the melodic yells and sometimes even replaced them with Andrew Bird-esque whistling. All in all maintaining that dreamy sound which can be uplifting or gloomy. One of those albums that does not get old over time and it will haunt you from the first listen. My words cannot express their music so stop reading and start listening.


My perceptions of the tUne-yArDs concept have always been playful, serendipitous and colorful. So far, their art and videos have contained these characteristics until now. The video for “Gangsta”, directed by Merril Garbus herself, stays away from the tUnE-yArDs aesthetic, it is done in black and white and the material in it is subtly obscure. However, this attempt to gangsterize tUnE-yArDs is done in the most playful of ways, innocent and maintaining a serendipitous feel to it, authentic, that is the word. Like most of Merril Garbus’ work Gangsta feels authentic and that is why you should watch this video. Enjoy!