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We don’t know much about Meet Me in Norway, only that they make fine sweet indie folk perfect for a day at the beach or to accompany you with your thoughts. They have a 3 song EP which clearly illustrates the bands capacity of playing with the male/female vocals to provoke different moods and atmospheres thru-out each song. Their sound is clean and simplified yet powerful and emotional which makes it easy to get hooked. Check out their songs and let us know what you think. Enjoy!


David Lynch, iconic surrealist auteur of films like Mullholland Drive, Blue Velvet and Eraserhead is incessantly creative and prolific. His films are well known for mixing the phantasmagorical with the mundane and for having an extremely meticulous sound design and music that will leave you breathless and gasping. He always worked very closely with his musicians, particularly with Angelo Badalamenti. From this collaborations, his interest in music and attention to detail, Lynch probably learned plenty of stuff that may have had his mind active for several years until he decided to go for it and start writing music. Crazy Clown Time generally maintains the same surrealist nature of his visual art, it’s immersive, repetitive, obscure, mysterious, crazy but yet cathartic. The album follows a similar line throughout, it sounds otherworldly and could possibly be defined as modern phantasmagoric experimental blues. One of the elements that characterizes it is the use of simple but heavily reverberated stuttered guitars which offer an eerie feel all around and of course, the effected voice that may sound creepy as first but alleviating after a few songs. The album doesn’t limit itself to any genre or style, it reaches out on electronic, blues and it’s mainly experimental, it even has a collaboration with Karen O on the opening and one of the most accesible tracks “Pinky’s Dream”. The album is up for streaming as a Halloween treat. So listen to it while you’re wearing your costume and enjoy your dark thoughts, it will give you goosebumps, but you’ll like the feeling. Below, we’ve posted the 4 songs that have been released so far, the album is out Nov 8, but you can stream in full over at NPR here.

Either if you wan’t to get tricked or trashed, get wild on a Halloween costume party , enjoy a spooky evening watching horror themed movies or just listen to a playlist to spice the season, here’s one featuring the best this month has had to offer that’ll do the task. Enjoy!

Illustration by Rebeca Cors @kekacors

Nobody every mentions Magical Mystery Tour as their favorite Beatles’ album. This hidden gem is often ignored and not as respected as most of the band’s releases. However, the truth is that this is one of the most complete Beatles album overall. Magical Mystery Tour is like a “greatest hits” album by itself. All of the songs contained in it are powerful and engaging and most of them are extremely popular. And even the ones that are not, truly define the Beatles’ sound and become must-listens and later on addictive.

The problem with MMT is that it belongs to another concept. The album is the soundtrack of a surrealist Beatle film of the same name. And the problem with the film is that it was a complete failure. People were very disappointed by it and therefore immediately diss the album and everything related. So when hearing the name of the album, people normally go ahead and think it is part of the obscure times when the Beatles went mad and did stupid things that not even the fans really liked. But the film takes all the blame. The film may be bad and a bad choice by the band. But the album… although not their most commercial, is probably as visionary as Sgt Pepper. And although it mostly falls on the psychedelic trippy category of The Beatles’ music-making, it’s got true pop in it that has definitely influenced modern bands like Tame Impala, Ariel Pink, MGMT and many others.

Just by going through the tracklist you’ll be surprised by the songs in this album. If you analyze it, you’ve got “All You Need Is Love” and “Strawberry Fields Forever”, two of the band’s most representative songs. Additionally, in the same package you also get “Flying”, “Blue Jay Way” and “I Am The Walrus” some of the most liberating, creative and psychedelic songs on their catalogue. Then take “You’re Mother Should Know”, “Baby, You’re A Rich Man”, “Hello Goodbye” and you’ve got three perfect pop songs with experimental arrangements and highly original lyrics in there as well. Don’t forget “Penny Lane”, the Beatle song that most will hum and try to singalong even if they don’t know the lyrics. All that, plus “Fool on The Hill”, a song that caused great controversy and that has had infinite interpretations, ranging from the religious to the psychological. And finally “Magical Mystery Tour”, the one that introduces the album and invites the listener on a trip along with the fab four. Only this album and Sgt Pepper have this kind of upfront and conceptual intro to an album.

So listen carefully and realize the overall value of this album, it may end up being on your list of favorite Beatles album or it may end up on the same spot, but I ask you to do acknowledge its importance. Cheers!

I included some images from the film which I believe is actually worth your while if you are a fan.


Annie Clark aka St. Vincent played a live acoustic set at Good Records in Dallas, TX. We stumbled upon these high quality recordings that are very much worth your while of two of our favorite songs off of her new album, “Cruel” and “Surgeon”. Of course these versions sound very rough and are not very well delivered; much different from the originals, but yet, the idea of posting these vids is that you get to understand the simple base of both of these songs and then… realize how wonderfully produced and arranged her latest release is. Hope you enjoy.

LCTRISC started in a small apartment in the town of Borlänge, Sweden back in 2009. The duo loves to experiment and therefore go on and try different musical styles and touch on different genres in each of the songs. They do this because they want to learn, they want to fail and learn from failure, they are risk-takers and that’s why we like them, they seek perfection through experimentation. They have recently released a single “Sunbird” which isn’t bad, but the truth is we love its b-side “Reach the Children (Book of Doom)” so much more and the video is pretty entertaining and comedic too as it samples “One Got Fat: Bicycle Safety” (1963) video. Watch it below and get a grip of the song which is dark but so catchy you’ll be playing it over and over again. Have a great day and be safe when cycling. We are also posting “Sunbird” below for you to listen.

We have talked about new artist I Can Chase Dragons! in the past when they released their first summery single “Diving for Sunken Treasure“. Now, the Mexican-based experimental pop band has released a new single in Spanish entitled “O’Donojú”. However, language is no barrier here with their new cut. The music has a voice of its own and the melodies truly transmit the mood of the song, therefore you don’t need to understand in order to enjoy. Impeccably produced, “O’Donojú” sounds fresh and original, it will make you want to dance and whistle and run, lay back, think, imagine and rethink, but mainly it will make you smile. You can download the song for free via their souncloud page. Their album is soon to be out, we’ll let you know when we know more. The video is posted below, an abstract visual trip. Enjoy! O’Donoju by I Can Chase Dragons!