Given that it was the World Environment Day on June 5th. We wanted to share with you the role that music has played in this movement and how it benefits all of us.

Music has always worked as an instrument to drive positive change in society. This is why it is so important for musicians to care about and be moved by ideas that are worth hearing. Actions in favor of the environment are definitely worth the hassle!

Many massive concerts that take place worldwide, artists included, are already taking concrete action to combat not only climate change but also to raise awareness. Big music festivals like Lollapalooza, Coachella, Roskilde and ACL measure the environmental impact of their events and take action to compensate them. Fans are invited to take concrete actions to help with the cause in the festivals’ Internet sites where one can find the option to pay compensation in advance their travel and lodging throughout the festival. Festivals are also promoting the use of environmentally friendly transportation, recycling and separating the trash. Volunteers that do this during the festival duration sometimes get paid for the amount of trash they collect, separate or recycle or get free stuff. Lollapalooza has a program called “Rock and Recycle” that is meant for these purposes.

But how does this compensation work and what does it mean?  Many times we don’t want to hurt the environment but our daily activities end up emitting green-house gases one way or the other, for example our iPods need energy to work, we need to cook food, etc. Sometimes it’s just plain unavoidable to use energy, and when this happens there are a certain amount of things we can do to make it up for our lovely planet. One of the most popular solutions at the moment is carbon emissions compensation! There are many ways to compensate, but the basic idea is this: someone does something nice for the environment that avoids more green-house gases to be released to the environment;  green energies (Solar energy, wind energy and biofuels are some examples) clean the air, like taking care of forests, and we pay to support these projects and so help the cycles in the atmosphere go back to the natural balance.

Head on here for detailed plans that each festival carried out last year in this regard.

We still have a long way to go, so people let’s go green! Check out these videos that will teach how to be part of this global revolution so that you can get started.


Yes, we have had our share of bad news this year; Gil Scott-Heron’s death, LCD Soundsystem’s last tour, The White Stripes evaporated, etc… but hey, still the balance is definitely on the positive side, and considering the bad news that’s almost impossible. We have heard a new album by Radiohead aka The King of Limbs, Bon Iver’s new album is almost out (it’s incredible by the way), The Strokes have also released an amazing album this year, also on the wait list this year: Beirut, Coldplay, The Horrors, St. Vincent, Tom Vek and many more. I mean who didn’t like TV on The Radio’s Nine Types of Light? So yeah it’s been an out of this world musical year. How could you possibly make this an even bigger year…. come on! Radiohead! Coldplay! The Strokes! TV on The Radio…. well how about after 5 years of remaining under the water, the Red Hot Chili Peppers decide to announce their new album: I’m With You. Their follow up to 2006’s 28 track Stadium Arcadium.

The album is to be realesed on August 30th 2011, it’s said to contain 20 songs, while the single The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie is set to come out on July 18th. The only change is the replacement of Frusciante, the guitarist, for Klinghoffer. The album is produced by none other than Rick Rubin (“In Rick We Trust”), co-founder of Def Jam Records, who also established American Recordings with The Beastie Boys and Run-DMC, as well as producing albums for Neil Dimond, AC/DC, The Mars Volta, Metallica, Mick Jagger, and The Avett Brothers to name a few. This album probably took the Chilis out of their comfort zone and into a new territory. For one, Rick Rubin has major Hip Hop influences and I’m With You features pianos (thanks to Klinghoffer) and “new playing styles”. It has potential to be a fine album and a possible contender for album of the year even though the bar is set extremely high! For more on the new album check out Rolling Stone magazine’s exclusive story here.



On every interview we do we like to ask bands about their musical influences and/or favorite artists, we also like to ask bands about their guilty pleasures. To our surprise ABBA is almost always on either one of those lists! It might seem like a Guilty Pleasure to many, or a classic to others, but at least we all know who Abba is and we might not accept it but we probably know the lyrics to more than one of their songs. We have prepared a playlist below, take a listen and VOTE on our poll below!

This year has seen major albums by big bands, debut albums by promising acts and new singles of what might be the big ones to come. If you haven’t purchased any albums this year now is a great time to spend a few bucks on the albums that really make a difference on your iPod and your playlists:

  • Radiohead’sKing of Limbs” if you haven’t heard it, what are you waiting for! Radiohead also released two free tracks for Record Store Day available to all of those who purchase their album thru their website. For those looking to spend some time alone.
  • Purchase on Amazon The King Of Limbs

  • TV on the Radio’s “Nine Types of Light”. Weeks before the death of Gerard Smith (bassist) the band released their fourth studio album that’ll get you hooked after hearing Second Song (album opener) from the very first play. For those looking for a good time.
  • Purchase on Amazon Nine Types of Light

  • The StrokesAngles” although I have to admit I haven’t always been a huge Strokes fan but this album is sensational from start to finish. With Valensi’s classic guitar riffs plus a subtle influence by The Cars, this is an amazing example of Indie Rock done right. For those who want to party.
  • Purchase on Amazon Angles

  • The Weeknd “House of Ballons”, debut album by a Drake protege named Abel Tesfaye has reminded us of what true R&B can do for the soul, imagine Nelly but instead of singing Ignition he sings soul baring ballads with Beach House samples. Oh and it’s FREE, head on over to his website here and get it right now. Great soundtrack for a date.
  • Download for free at his website here.

  • Young Galaxy’sShapeshifting“. As the name suggests, this album twists and turns into unimaginable trajectories. Surprising at first and rewarding to the end. For those heading for a Road Trip.
  • Purchase on Amazon Shapeshifting

  • PJ Harvey’s “Let England Shake” is a call to arms. The sound of someone as infuriated as they are fascinated, glowing with anger and passion; a soulful, mushy and yet sometimes quite humorous album. For those who are looking for inspiration.
  • Purchase on Amazon Let England Shake

  • James Blake debut album has left everyone in awe, a minimalistic high end producer from the UK who combines classic compsitions with a hint of electronic here and there. For those feeling lonely.
  • Purchase on Amazon James Blake

  • Panda Bear’sTomboy” proves that not only is Animal Collective an amazing band as whole, but also Noah Lennox (AC’s vocals, percussion, guitar) who delivers a minimalistic approach to highly experimental music. For those who find Animal Collective to be just a bit overwhelming at times.
  • Purchase on Amazon Tomboy

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Yes we know it´s not a likely duo for a standoff, The Radio Dept brings us a more dream pop sound, while Sigur Rosrightly claim to bring you the beautiful landscape of their homeland (Iceland) with their music”. This stand off comes from Radio Dept´s album “Pet Grief”, and Sigur Ros´s Hvarf/Heim more specifically Heim or “Home”. It captivates me how they can be so alike and different at the same time. Sigur´s song is, as you can expect more mellow, sad, bursting with emotion, a piano induced song with hurting voices and organs, it almost seems to be lost in time. While The Radio Dept’s takes what seems to me the basics of this song, more importantly the piano and transforms it into a dreamy 21st Century version, brushing in the line of being a cover. Even the beginnings are similar. Hope you enjoy comparing these 2!


Sigur Ros- Samskeyti

The Radio Dept- It´s Personal

They’re both from Canada, of course The Dears have been around longer, but it still, somehow, seems that on their latest album The Dears got a little bit of inspiration from Arcade Fire‘s Funeral. To be specific why don’t you check these two songs out:

Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion”

The Dear’s “5 Chords”

It looks to me like the Dears got more than 5 chords out of Rebellion…. I’m not saying it’s a copy per se, but it does have more similarities than we would like, specially the back rythm and the sort of “I am pulling my hair while I sing” type of voice that reminds us of Win Butler. If I didn’t know any better one can easily say both songs are by <recent grammy album of the year winners> Arcade Fire.