Just recently I had a sudden urge to listen to George Michael‘s “One More Try” more than 100 times on the same day. It seems Iron and Wine recently covered this legendary track, check out the original below and click here to listen to Iron & Wine‘s. In my opinion, Iron & Wine manages to kill everything that’s beautiful about this song. Which one do YOU like best?


Yes we know it´s not a likely duo for a standoff, The Radio Dept brings us a more dream pop sound, while Sigur Rosrightly claim to bring you the beautiful landscape of their homeland (Iceland) with their music”. This stand off comes from Radio Dept´s album “Pet Grief”, and Sigur Ros´s Hvarf/Heim more specifically Heim or “Home”. It captivates me how they can be so alike and different at the same time. Sigur´s song is, as you can expect more mellow, sad, bursting with emotion, a piano induced song with hurting voices and organs, it almost seems to be lost in time. While The Radio Dept’s takes what seems to me the basics of this song, more importantly the piano and transforms it into a dreamy 21st Century version, brushing in the line of being a cover. Even the beginnings are similar. Hope you enjoy comparing these 2!


Sigur Ros- Samskeyti

The Radio Dept- It´s Personal

They’re both from Canada, of course The Dears have been around longer, but it still, somehow, seems that on their latest album The Dears got a little bit of inspiration from Arcade Fire‘s Funeral. To be specific why don’t you check these two songs out:

Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion”

The Dear’s “5 Chords”

It looks to me like the Dears got more than 5 chords out of Rebellion…. I’m not saying it’s a copy per se, but it does have more similarities than we would like, specially the back rythm and the sort of “I am pulling my hair while I sing” type of voice that reminds us of Win Butler. If I didn’t know any better one can easily say both songs are by <recent grammy album of the year winners> Arcade Fire.

It musn’t come as a surprise to Fleetwood Mac fans to hear many similarities when listening to some Cut Copy songs, the latest one featured in Cut Copy’s latest studio album Zonoscope. Take me Over is probably the best song in their latest production and it’s really a no brainer when you find out the bass line used for that song is almost identical to Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere from their 14nth album Tango in the Night. It’s not about choosing sides, it’s not that one song is better than the other, both these songs are really nice to the ear, the real difference lies on the where, where would you play each song? I personally would play Cut Copy’s at a party or at a club, but Fleetwood Mac’s is the perfect company for a relaxing afternoon.

Fleetwood Mac “Everywhere

Cut Copy “Take Me Over

Jim James or as we now know him Yim Yames (frontman for My Morning Jacket) as some of you might already know, he teamed up back in 2009 with Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis (from Bright Eyes) and M. Ward (from She & Him) and created Monsters of Folk, a group known “shockingly” for its amazing folk songs. They released a self entitled album “Monsters of Folk” on September of last year.

“Dear God” is probably the best song on this record, some might say it’s “Say Please” but, they are confused. Anyway, right now what we want to share with you is the original “Dear God” by Monsters of Folk and alsoooo “Dear God 2.0” as released by The Roots once Jim James joined in….

The question is… To you which is better? (below you can hear them out, the first is the original, the second is the 2.0 version)

To purchase this album on Amazon click it The Root’s “How I Got Over”

Yes, Lollapalooza schedule has been announced, and with it our very own schedule. We found out that many of our favorite bands will be overlapping this year, which sucks, but for arguments sake it might make things more interesting…. For example: Who would you rather see Dirty Projectors, Fuck Buttons or Matt & Kim? Another intriguing example would be Arcade Fire or Soundgarden? And last but not least MGMT or The Temper Trap?… click here to listen to their top songs Read More