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So Lollapalooza’s 20th anniversary has gone by and left us emotionally devastated from such awesomeness… this truly was a party to remember, rain or shine it kept on going and never stopped amazing us until the very last notes from Foo Fighters and the raging rain party conducted by Deadmau5 died out in the air leaving Grant park a mud pool full of unforgettable memories.

It is true, a week has passed and since then and this post might be coming in a bit late but we could not go on without mentioning and congratulating all the people involved in this emblematic event.

Everyone sees and enjoys different acts, and when it comes to genres for Lollapalooza the sky is the limit. I don’t want to list my most favorite acts, but if we had to make an inventory of the best moments I have to say I had the most fun during Flogging Molly, Muse was amazing! Loved Local Natives, Noah and The Whale, the Drums and The Vaccines.

The most surprising acts were definitely Damian Marley & Nas, as expected no smoke machines were needed the crowd did a pretty good job getting that effect going on. Damian has an infinite range of styles he mixes reggae, hip hop, dub step and electronica, he plays his songs, his fathers songs, sometimes mashing both together and adding some more here and there. Another surprise was Ratatat, which I had only listened to once or twice on the radio, they completely blew everyone’s mind in the intimate Google+ stage. My Morning Jacket as expected was completely of the wall thanks to Yim Yames awesomeness and 10 min of ripping solos, I don’t think anyone stopped moving for the whole 2 hours. Foo Fighters grand finale, exalted by the rain, was without a doubt the best ending this weekend could have.

On a more negative note, something we don’t usually like to write about, Foster the People was incredibly disappointing, I don’t know if it was the sound, the sun, the massive crowd that gathered on one of the smallest stages, their rookie-ness, bad planning or what but most of us were heavily disappointed. We were a tad disappointed by the sound in The Kills and by the crowd in Lykke Li.

Too top it all off there was Perry’s massive party tent that could be heard miles away and never failed to leave you tipsy too say the least.

Oh… and one more thing, it is always great, and should be recognized, the efforts that are put in making events environmentally friendly. Not only could you offset your carbon footprint for going to Lollapalooza, trash was separated, and even the cutlery was made of degradable materials. As well as what I perceived to be volunteers picking up all the tin cans Kudos!

It was an incredible 3 day celebration of the best gift on earth… Music

You can watch entire concerts on Lollapalooza’s official YouTube channel right here.

Photos: Around the Park by Jack Edinger, My Morning Jacket by Jack Edinger, Muse by Jack Edinger, Foo Fighters by Cambria Harkey and Ratatat by Dave Mead.


Today, the definitive lineup for ACL 2011 was announced and it has plenty of great bands for all kinds of audiences. It will be taking place at Zilker Park in Austin, TX, September 16-18. It is headlined by Stevie Wonder, Arcade Fire, Kanye West and Coldplay. This year has been a pretty strong one for festivals. It was SXSW 25th edition, Lollapalooza’s 20th Anniversary, Bonnaroo and Sasquatch’s 10th, and Coachella sold out extremely fast. It is also ACL’s 10th anniversary and they are celebrating it with great music and even though there were so many quality festivals announced before it, the 3-day-passes are sold out already (you can still get your single day pass through their website). So yeah, 2011 has been a huge year for massive gatherings of music-lovers. Below is the lineup, tell us what you think. We’ll be posting our recommendations very soon.

Head over to their site for all the details and info.



As of last night at 12am Lollapalooza revealed their official lineup for this 2011 . I wasn’t very impressed, I had imagined something better for their 20th anniversary. Not that I don’t like Coldplay or Foo Fighters, hell, I even enjoy some Eminem every now and then, but they really stand a chance against Radiohead, Pulp, The Cure or any of the other “rumored” acts? I am more excited by My Morning Jacket, Muse and The Cars. I’m sure it will still be a Lolla to remember.

Anyway to view the full lineup head on over here. Regular Price tickets ($215) are still available, head on over here to purchase!

Here is your chance to get to know some of the bands playing at this years Coachella. It might not be the best songs each of the bands had to offer but still, they give an idea of what you can expect from them. So go on ahead and download this free bundle of 35 songs right here. (Thanks Spinner)

Be sure to check out our picks of the best bands in Coachella 2011 right here, and also check out this years set times.