Freedom Sessions

Today we are proud to present “Grenades”, the third episode of the live studio sessions we recorded in Mexico City with Rey Pila. If you enjoy it, be sure to check out their twitter @reypila and like their fb page. We had a great time with the band and the people at the studio while we were doing the sessions, thanks to all the people involved and most importantly we want to thank our readers for making this effort worthwhile and satisfactory. Share it with your friends and we’ll see you around.


This is the second installment of a series of four live sessions we did with Rey Pila at Honky Tonk Studios in Mexico City, Mexico. “No Longer Fun” is one of our favorite songs by this praised mexican band. It features Ale Moreno (of Ruido Rosa, whose debut album was produced by Rey Pila himself, Diego Solorzano) who shared her time and talent with us to perform on this amazing song. Check it out and enjoy the live session.

This is the first installment of a series of four live sessions we did with Rey Pila at Honky Tonk Studios in Mexico City, Mexico. “Pictures of the Sun” is the opening episode after which we will be publishing one per week. Rey Pila is a prominent band hailing from Mexico City than captures a blend of synth-induced rockpop. The band shared their time and talent with us to perform four songs off of their self-titled debut album, one of our favorites last year, which made it to #7 on our Best Albums of 2010 list. Check it out and enjoy the live session.

Today, we bring to you our third and final acoustic video session with Pablo Cantú The Y’s with a song called “Brand New Journey“. We want to thank Pablo and the band for being part of the first chapter of our new and exclusive Freedom Sessions. Follow them on twitter @pablocantumusic and @theYsmusic and share the video with your friends.

We already have our next chapter of our Freedom Sessions, which we will be sharing with you soon.

We are proud to introduce our Freedom Sessions, a space in which musicians can express themselves freely, in any way they want, wherever they want. Inaugurating this new section of our site is Pablo Cantú, mastermind of mexican project The Y’s in an exclusive 3-part live acoustic session recorded at Honky Tonk Studios in Estado de Mexico, Mexico.  The Waitlist is a song off of their self-titled debut. To know more about this artist click here or follow them on Twitter @pablocantumusic @TheYsmusic. Take a look and listen.


We hope you already saw the first and second videos of our acoustic session with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros in which the band played Carries On and Up From Below. Now the band is back with one of their best songs of the set playing 40 Day Dream on one of Mexico City’s parks Parque Mexico, La Condesa. The audio recorder stopped working so we had to use the audio from our camera, bummer…. anyway it’s still unbelievable! Check out the video below and remember to share it with all of your friends!