New Artists

The Garment District is a new project by Pittsburg-based multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Baron. They released their debut album on cassette a little while back called Melody Elder. We love it, a lot. You can stream it on the band’s bandcamp page. Of the 11 songs on the album, we thought it would be adequate to recommend you “Nature-Nurture” to start the weekend off right. This tune will surprise you, it’s otherworldly. It’s the one that best sums up the album. It’s got plenty of experimentation going on but it’s also clear and accesible.  Thumbs up to this new artist. We’ll be writing more about them soon.


It has only been a few months ago since , the self described “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” aka Lana Del Rey, came into the public eye sporting a sexy vintage look and vocals comparable to Fiona Apple; but it was not until she put out “Videogames” that sent her into mainstream.

But why is Lana Del Rey a possible big one for this upcoming year?

With a single already out “Blue Jeans” and an album warming up in the oven for a January 27 release, Lana Del Rey captured the public’s attention with her single “Video Games” a macabre love song where not only her hybrid vocals of Nancy Sinatra and Fiona Apple managed to hypnotize and captivate people all around the globe, but also the accompanying video that showed her strange beauty , vintage footage and paparazzi craze, helped this lady to bring the spotlight to her persona.

Today, Lana has already put out,  yet another somber and fascinating single from her upcoming debut album “Born to Die” which goes by the same name , a passionate and morbid love ballad,  proves that the vintage obsessed singer is here to stay.  “Born to Die” is out this month on the 27, and with influences ranging from Kurt Cobain, to Elvis and Britney Spears , this ought to be an interesting album to hear.

Plus her first single “Video Games”

We wanted to start the year with this list of our favorite artists of 2011, those that we think you should keep an eye on this new year 2012. The New Artists section has had a lot of growth recently, becoming one of the main attractions on our site. We are always trying to discover new music to share with you and we try to promote all the new artists that deserve it as much as we can. We decided to make this list objectively so we took into account the following 4 categories for rating purposes: Replay Value, Sound Innovation, Commercial Potential and Follow-up-excitement-level. We consider a new artist to be the ones that have released either a debut EP, debut album or debut single in 2011. Here’s the list,  remember to check out the links and listen to all the songs we’re posting. Enjoy and happy new year!

10) David Lynch. Cult iconic filmaker released his first album, just as fucked up as you’d thought it be, we fell in love with it’s eerie nature and paranoid atmosphere. Check out our review of Crazy Clown Time here. David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream (feat. Karen O)

9)  Sin Kitty. We are very excited to see how this noise-punk psychedelic band evolves. We compared their drugged-up debut EP to Tame Impala, Wavves and the eccentricity of James Ferraro in our review. Addie by Sin Kitty

8) Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt. An ambitious young man, a poet, an honest musician with a bright future, read our interview to learn more about him and his debut Tweaker in the Park and then check out the playlist he designed for us here Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – The Town Crazies 

7) The Kemistry. Their music is hard to describe and that is why we love it. A blend of genres and styles that will blow your mind. Influenced by the finest of music, their sound is mesmerizing. Breathing by thekemistry

6) I Can Chase Dragons!. With only a few singles on their catalogue, we are so eager to listen to their full-length debut which will be out later this month. Hailing from Boston and constructed with Mexican folk samples and experimental loops, you should not miss I Can Chase Dragons! this new year. We were lucky to record a live session with them in Tepoztlán, México, watch it here O’Donoju by I Can Chase Dragons!

5) Hectic Zeniths. One of the most overlooked and underrated new artists of the year, Hectic Zeniths, although pretty much unknown, is making music that will take you far away into unknown paths. We love the mix of clean piano, topped with intense sampling and hypnotizing vocals. Curtain by hecticzeniths

4) Balam Acab. One of the albums that we played the most since its release, Wander/Wonder is a unique and surprisingly creative concept album that will take you on a trip in the deepest and darkest waters. A one-of-a-kind gem, highly addictive. Oh, Why by BALAM ACAB

3) The Weeknd. This project was one of the most talked about of 2011. Exciting and innovative, simple and straightforward, we got to listen to 3 of their mixtapes and we loved them. The Weeknd – D.D. by The_Weeknd

2) Wu Lyf. When we first listened to Wu Lyf, we agreed that it was exactly what we needed at the moment. It’s so intriguing to wait and see what they do next. Their debut Go Tell Fire To The Mountain was definitely one of the best releases of 2011. Wu Lyf – We Bros by WU LYF

1) Doldrums. The new band we are most excited about at the moment. We really want to listen to their music evolve. We want to see if they can transmit the same energy that they did in their debut. Doldrums have so much potential, have quite the unique sound and is sure talented as hell. Our definite favorite new act of 2011. Stream the whole EP below. Doldrums: Empire Sounds 

Automatic Writing, a two-piece band made up of brothers Neave and Jamie Merrick that hail from London. Their sound is obscure but pop-inclined electro, best described by themselves as “mind-altering, pulse-quickening, head-spinning, heartbreaking, electro-pop-noir”. It’s not easy to fall in love with their music immediately but their songs are definitely intriguing and will automatically demand more listens, especially if you are a guy who likes bands like Depeche Mode and The Smiths. We like Automatic Writing for various reasons, the one that comes to mind first is the vocal work, which may easily get tattooed into your brain. The other thing we like is the feeling of uncertainty they transmit, a mood that recalls one particular instant in which you are found in the middle of chaos and you realize for a second that everything may actually be OK. They take this feeling and expand it converting it into songs. Here, we’ve posted our favorite songs by AW. Hope you like ’em. Continuous by Automatic Writing Control by Automatic Writing This Is Happening by Automatic Writing

Today we want to introduce you to a new act we just found out about. They’re from Mexico City and they are called Le Becs, a three piece band that seems particularly influenced by Kings of Leon and that apparently draw inspiration from The Strokes, Foo Fighters, Chris Cornell and other rock bands of the past decade. Here, we have posted their new EP Departures, composed of 5 short songs that are different in style, exploring various sounds and genres; one of these may fit your likes so listen to it and tell us what you think. DEPARTURES by LeBecs

Based out of Asheville, North Carolina, Sin Kitty is a fresh new act with a lot of potential that is definitely worth your time. So drugged-up and heavily psychedelic with hints of lo-fi punk that the short 12 mins of Wonder When suffice. However, it’s got some great songs and one that is particularly catchy as hell and the highlight of the EP, track #3, “Addie”. It echoes and whispers and walks you through a dreamy path and although the song is only 2.38min long it sticks with you for the rest of the day. The repetitive guitar riff (Tame Impalaish) is so addictive that you’ll find yourself wanting to listen to it over and over again, you’ll hum it while you shower and think about it while you inhale your cigarette and you may not truly realize what song you have looping in your mind. Other highlights are the opening song “Only When (I’m Lonely)” and “Dirty Rotten Kids”, but the truth is that if you like this kind of music, you’ll end up liking all of them and you’ll be addicted to them, they’re so short, they demand various listens. If you are the music lover of bands like James Ferraro, Wavves and Tame Impala and you like their cover art as much as I do, you’ll like this EP, if you don’t, then your ears may or may not be grateful, but I’m inclined to say they will. I’m really really looking forward to see how their sound evolves and for further releases, but meanwhile, download their debut EP for free and give it a couple listens, it’ll only take 24 mins of your day. I’m also posting 2 pretty cool videos of them, enjoy!

Hectic Zeniths‘ album is dense. Dense and multilayered, simultaneously peaceful, relaxing, organic and electronic. It took three years to make, which talks about the meticulousness of bedroom producer Adam Morgan Price. The album awakens strange feelings, a blend of comfort and uneasiness; a mix of bright and optimistic with obscure and insane, and that is exactly what we love about this album. Hectic Zeniths is an anagram of the German word “Zeitschtichten”, which translates as “Layers of Time”. The self-titled release does actually sound like you’re lost in layers of time, each song can expand and contract. Even though the album clocks in at 30mins, you may feel as if it lasted 1hr, and I say this in the best of ways, in the sense that it has the power to change the way we experience time and therefore their name makes perfect sense and ends up being beautiful. I highly recommend Hectic Zeniths, you’ll be delighted with the piano lead being followed by many many layers of arrangements including violin, vinyl samples and haunting vocals. Enjoy the three tracks they are sharing below.