Last week, fans around the world were shattered after hearing the statement made by R.E.M. as they called it quits. It’s not all bad news, the band have also stated:

“The band will cap its 31-year recording career with its first-ever definitive greatest hits album, due out from Warner Bros. Records on November 15th. The 40-song retrospective–R.E.M., PART LIES, PART HEART, PART TRUTH, PART GARBAGE, 1982 – 2011–includes tracks from both the IRS and Warner years plus three brand-new songs.” 

So there you have it, at least fans have something to look forward to. We say farewell to this amazing and genre-breaking band with a playlist, remembering classics from 1983 to singles from their last album “Collapse into Now”.  Enjoy!


Buddy Holly was born today, September 7th, back in 1936 as Charles Hardin Holley. Not only is he one of the most significant pioneers of rock and roll, but also, he is one of the major influences in music history. Having inspired musicians like Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, no one has had such an important career that lasted such a short time. Buddy Holly was around the music scene for only a year a half, after he died in a plane crash at age 22, but he was a great innovator in both music and style, making thick glasses look cool, a fashion that persists to this day. Ranked by Rolling Stone Magazine as #13th greatest artist of all time, today, we want to honor the fact that he existed with this commemorative playlist designed for the enjoyment of both fans and new listeners. Enjoy rock and roll, rockabilly and pop rock at their best. I have also included a video for “Peggy Sue” so that you can to enjoy his performance.

August came and went, with it the last glimpse of summer starts to fade away. The good news is we were left with some pretty awesome tunes. The RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS launched their new album “I’m With You”, Nurses released the second single from their upcoming album Dracula, St. Vincent also dropped the second haunting single of her upcoming album Strange Mercy, and even The Weeknd dropped a new mix-tape called Thursday (on a Thursday, of course). Check out which songs made it into our monthly top 10 for this August.

Illustration by Rebeca Cors

We asked “new artist” Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt to prepare a playlist for our readers and he came up with some of the best songs out there, check out what he wrote about each song while you listen to this playlist. And if you haven’t heard his debut album you can check it out right here.

Grandaddy- El Caminos in the West “Just listen to that chorus, LISTEN!!!”

Islands- Jogging Gorgeous Summer “Luau on the beach with all the pineapple a man could need.”

Weezer- Susanne “The Beach boys meets 90’s rock.”

Dinosaur Jr- Thumb “Flute intro and the guitar solo at the end, what else needs to be said.”

Lush Hermit- French Inhale “Remember your first party? I don’t either.”

Nana Grizol- Tambourine –N- Thyme “A really cool girl showed me this song, it has great lyrics and a great melody. I really should call her…..”

Velvet Underground-Pale Blue Eyes “This song has twistedly genius lyrics.”

Morning Benders- Excuses “The doo-wop middle break down leading back to the chorus should be played at every wedding.”

Harlem- Gay human bones “The guitar riff in this song screams awesome.”

Pavement- Range Life “Classic music, in a field, with friends, in the summer, blowing up stuff.”

The Rentals- Waiting “Waiting for a girl or waiting to write a song, this song is brilliant, as is Matt Sharp.”

Weezer- Falling for You “The solo at the end of this song along with the verse melody make it a masterpiece.”

Cults- Never Saw the Point “This song came on while I was skating around once and I listened to it for almost 45 minuets, the melody of the chorus…wow.”

Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea “A melody form the 50s, in indie rock form.”

Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

Soul music has lost another soul, a tragic death and an introduction to the infamous “27 Club”

It was widely known by almost everyone the difficult life this blue-eyed soul diva led since the smashing hit song that made her a unique icon. A troublesome one, rebel to the core but truly gifted till the very end; Amy Winehouse paved her way into the top with just two albums and secured her place with her trademark song “Rehab”, though a constant battle with alcohol , drug addictions and tabloids rapidly began to overshadow her talented career, bringing her into a series of alarming collapses and ultimately her own death.
It is truly sad that yet another talented one has left this world too soon and like fellow artists Janis Joplin, James Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix, Amy Winehouse has been introduced to the ill-fated “27 Club”.
The troubled diva, however, will always be remembered for her unique soul-influenced voice, singles like “You know I’m no good”, “Back to black”, “Valerie”, her pin-up girl like figure with beehive hairdo and the lines of the song that defined her career “Just try to make me go to rehab and I won’t go”.

Gil-Scott Heron died the past May 27th at age 62. The causes of death are still unknown but he had been dealing with health issues for a while. He had been HIV positive for several years, had had pneumonia attacks and was addicted to crack cocaine. However, he is considered to be one of the most influential figures of rap history, having laid the groundwork and basis for what we know as hip-hop today. Gil Scott-Heron was a poet, a gifted writer, an ambitious lyricist that touched on political and social themes, especially concerning the black american situation in the US. He was a prolific artist, inspiring, modest and realistic. His last release was this year’s We’re New Here with Jamie xx, a rework of his 2010 I’m New Here. Below, find a playlist that reminisces his life in music.