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With nothing else but a firm skeleton of a somber piano accompanying the British songstress in “Someone like you“, Adele soars with her powerful deep voice that never dilutes and remains exceptionally constant throughout the entire 4:45 heartbreak ballad.

This song is an amazingly well handled curtain call for a failed relationship that leaves stupidity and immaturity deeply forgotten and brings out a mature person that accepts reality and moves forward in the best way possible.

Mature, intelligent, sensitive and excruciatingly vulnerable like a recent wound, this unique jewel is probably the best example of how a love song, let alone, any pop song should really sound; stripped, honest and with the less synths possible.


Hailing as the second single from their upcoming sophomore album “Ceremonials” due October 31, “Shake it Out” just recently got an appropriate makeover by the Canadian based singer The Weeknd.

The original version of the song stands powerfully by itself, being “haunting and Gothic” in tone like much of the songs of the group’s repertoire, but then, it suddenly gets remixed and turned into a much darker, more haunting and thrilling version, where the word Gothic is taken to the next level.

Florence’s vocals soar as the haunting flow of the song detaching herself completely from this world and making her travel like a spirit through the listener’s ears directly to the brain where she nests the sick tune making it one of those songs that become “sick in the head”; a truly powerful anthem and an A-class remix.



The Icelandic songstress latest single “Moon” from her upcoming album “Biophilia”  finds the ethereal singer playing with a set of strings that swirl and play conjunctively with her voice in a way that resembles the phases of the moon and its effects on humans, ranging from a dark mood to a bright phase, Bjork surely knows how to blend nature and science in such a way that it seems quite pure and unique.

“Moon” is led by the sound of strings on the background that almost seem to be the movement of tides which are lead by Bjork’s voice and her female choir that play the role of the moon that control the direction of the song, raising and lowering tides; it won’t embrace the listener at first but the hypnotizing strings are capable of luring anyone into her own orbit. Enjoy!

While comparisons between Florence Welch’s haunting vocals and Evanescence’s gothic atmosphere are undeniable, the american-russian songstress surely channels her somber European heritage through her songs, especially on this very one “Avalanche“.

An emotionally histrionic and somewhat dramatic single, an “Avalanche” of mixed feelings that when combined with Zola’s powerful opera-like vocals, sweep the listener completely away. There is no doubt that the background of constant threatening beats and arranged synths lead this track into a state of near collapse,  a strange way to completely immerse the listener into the core of the song, both in an unusual and amusing way.  So head on over right here and download it for free. Thanks Daytrotter!


After having collaborated with The Flaming Lips earlier this year, Neon Indian has finally shared with us their first single from their upcoming album Era Extraña, which will hit stores on September 13. Alan Palomo, who contributed to the creation of the so-called chillwave genre created the album in solitude in Helsinki. “It’s the closest you can get to feeling like you’re at the edge of the earth,” he says. “And there were moments where I lost sight of what I was really there to do.”

The cover art for Era Extraña is the one above. Era Extraña, taken from Spanish, translates to Strange Times and Palomo has his say about it. “We’re now living in the era mysticized by a lot of future-geared 70s and 80s cinema, but it’s definitely not quite how they imagined it.”

Check out the track below. Neon indian – Fallout 

You can also download the track for free by sharing your email below.

Noel Gallagher is back on the scene. Since he left Oasis back in 09, he hasn’t had any new releases up until now. His solo debut album will be out this fall and is titled High Flying Birds. “Death of You and Me”, the first title we’ve had the chance to listen to from his upcoming record preserves some of the sound qualities of Oasis and it will surely be compared to songs such as “The Importance of Being Idle”. However, this track features horns and other sounds that Oasis never really had, but it feels like the natural evolution of what Oasis could have been. It’s stupid to compare this to Oasis, but in a way, it is necessary. What Noel is up to may be of huge proportions. This song is beautiful, lyrically and musically, and if the album stays on this line, with such quality and high production, it may be the surprise of the year. Check out the video for the song above. What do you think about his solo effort?

A new St. Vincent song has been finally unlocked and it’s called “Surgeon”. Gladly, it appears that this time around Annie Lennox grabbed a scalpel, made a few precise cuts here and there, opened up herself and released one of the most heartwarming and interesting songs of her career (and of the year). My new favorite song of hers, “Surgeon” is experimental pop with some prog-rock influences, especially towards the end. There’s no better way to introduce and album. The blend of Annie’s vocals with the multiple beats and rhythms throughout makes for a song easy to swallow but hard to digest. The song is part of her upcoming album Strange Mercy, which will be out September 13th. How exciting! Please enjoy! You can download through by signing up to the newsletter.