Up & Comers

We don’t know much about Meet Me in Norway, only that they make fine sweet indie folk perfect for a day at the beach or to accompany you with your thoughts. They have a 3 song EP which clearly illustrates the bands capacity of playing with the male/female vocals to provoke different moods and atmospheres thru-out each song. Their sound is clean and simplified yet powerful and emotional which makes it easy to get hooked. Check out their songs and let us know what you think. Enjoy!


Watch the video for the extremely catchy and honest weirdpop (as they self-describe their genre) song “I’m His Girl” by Brooklyn band Friends. It is directed by member Samantha “I’m on my way” Urbani and Aurora Halal. Mostly filmed in 8mm and depicting the band members as a group of people that at times seem to belong to an underground fashion urban scene of some sort walking around town, the video tries to force the “weird” into their pop. However, it’s still very enjoyable, but primarily because it’s a great song. Enjoy!

If you have been asking yourself where is the 2011 Mumford & Sons, The xx, Florence & the Machine, Beach House, that artist that explodes with their first album, the album everyone claims to have “heard first” or discovered… Well here it is, Youth Lagoon’s The Year of Hibernation released September 29th by the mastermind & frontman Trevor Powers.

An album which unwantingly keeps reminding me of Beach House’s Teen Dream in an awkward way. It is as if they took the basics from Teen Dream; those repeating pianos and beats, enhanced with reverb and a haunting voice and somehow managed to create something completly unique. It’s also as if they added more uptempo beats to the formula, switched to a masculine voice, shortened the melodic yells and sometimes even replaced them with Andrew Bird-esque whistling. All in all maintaining that dreamy sound which can be uplifting or gloomy. One of those albums that does not get old over time and it will haunt you from the first listen. My words cannot express their music so stop reading and start listening.


I have to admit I felt a lot of envy after watching this video. Washed Out have proven to us they can achieve a laid back sound that will instantly remind you of your best holiday memories. Amor Fati is our favorite song in their debut album, not only does the video fit perfectly but it also makes you wonder: How come I’ve never done a trip like that? To walk along the beach, with only your essential items, meet random people and enjoy every single minute of it? Think about it while you enjoy this inspiring video.

Washed Out: Amor Fati from Yoonha Park on Vimeo.

Water flows, takes shape of the container that it’s put in. Water fills empty spaces or half empty spaces. Water flows continuously  and constantly until it dries out or until it’s stopped by a solid wall. Wander/Wonder by Balam Acab works in similar ways. Composed of 8 songs, this album flows slowly guided literally by the sound of pouring water. In this case, water is an instrument that increasingly gains importance as the album goes on. Water sets the mood, slowly being poured inside your skull, the songs on this album will fill out various empty spaces in your mind, it will take shape of any thought or situation you’re in, being an ideal companion . With heavy bass, textured beats, drone, and drowned-out vocals, the electronic project Balam Acab, led by young Pennsylvanian Alec Koone, is fresh, different, daring, filled with melancholy and emotions, surprising from beginning to end in its 36mins of length. Sometimes dark, oftentimes psychedelic and even trippy, the album is generally on the healing and relaxing side and will therefore make you breath-in deeper in a meditational sort of way. Highly recommended. Listen to the album in full below.

We had already mentioned Lana Del Rey before and how we thoroughly enjoy her project and the track that made her famous “Video Games”. Today, we want to share with you, our loyal readers, her new single and video for the song “Blue Jeans”. Just as good as her previous release, in both visual and sonic aspects, “Blue Jeans” is to consolidate her as the artists she has been wanting to be so badly. She is making her dreams come true and simultaneously, pleasing us with her passion, a fair combination for someone so perseverant that she has already signed to Stranger Records and is to release the “Video Games/Blue Jeans” vinyl single.