Santigold had been absent for a while, we hadn’t heard much about her, but now she has released a new track called “Big Mouth”. The song is very intense, with schizophrenic beats and paranoid effects that will make you feel caffeinated. The repetitive lyrics work out well because they are there for rhythm purposes and to enhance the song’s dizzying feeling. Here’s the video for the song. It’s just as intense and kitschy, but highly enjoyable, with great drawings. Santigold will be performing on Coachella this April, it promises to be a good show.


People over at just revealed a video of a live session they did with Grimes. The sublime “Genesis” is taken from her upcoming album Visions and it’s a pleasure to listen to. The performance is also pretty good. Although there’s not much going on in the video, it still manages to hypnotize and keep your attention. A lovely tune to start the weekend off right.

The documentary film “Shut Up And Play The Hits” will premiere on Sunday January 22nd at the Sundance Film Festival. It follows LCD Soundsystem‘s frontman James Murphy on the days leading up to his farewell concert and definite break-up. It contains intimate interviews and concert footage. A documentary you shouldn’t miss, check out the trailer below and visit the film’s website for more.

This song came out towards the end of 2011 and we fell in love with it. Although Julia Holter‘s latest album Tragedy is mesmerizing, “Marienbad”  is exceptional and stands out from all of her previous work. This song is more accesible, while staying true to Holter’s experimental approach. The video is truly unconventional. It is the live recording of the images of two 8mm and one 35mm projectors projecting on the same wall running their corresponding film simultaneously. The projected film was processed by hand and is unedited. Somehow, this all fits with Holter’s song. It feels real and at the same time, dreamy.

It has only been a few months ago since , the self described “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” aka Lana Del Rey, came into the public eye sporting a sexy vintage look and vocals comparable to Fiona Apple; but it was not until she put out “Videogames” that sent her into mainstream.

But why is Lana Del Rey a possible big one for this upcoming year?

With a single already out “Blue Jeans” and an album warming up in the oven for a January 27 release, Lana Del Rey captured the public’s attention with her single “Video Games” a macabre love song where not only her hybrid vocals of Nancy Sinatra and Fiona Apple managed to hypnotize and captivate people all around the globe, but also the accompanying video that showed her strange beauty , vintage footage and paparazzi craze, helped this lady to bring the spotlight to her persona.

Today, Lana has already put out,  yet another somber and fascinating single from her upcoming debut album “Born to Die” which goes by the same name , a passionate and morbid love ballad,  proves that the vintage obsessed singer is here to stay.  “Born to Die” is out this month on the 27, and with influences ranging from Kurt Cobain, to Elvis and Britney Spears , this ought to be an interesting album to hear.

Plus her first single “Video Games”

Most of you have already heard this collaboration feat. Jack White, it comes as no surprise to be the best track in the Rome album. You can now watch this creepy animated video of a man experiencing his wildest and scariest nightmare. This video is animated by Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd and is soon expected to turn into an animated film. Check out the video for Two Against One below.

The Kemistry, who we recently named as one of the best new acts of 2011, have just released a video for “Untitled Ballad”, one of my favorite songs off of their EP Dilatare. The video is homemade and uses stock footage and some clips Kemi took with her webcam. The result is simple, yet attractive. It manages to maintain the essence of the song and compliments it very well. Check it out below, enjoy!